About Us

Primelife Physiotherapy was first established in 2016 after years of clinical experience in private practices and public hospitals across greater Melbourne. With our practice situates near the corner of Bourke and Exhibition Streets in the heart of Melbourne CBD, we provide easy access services to the needs of inner city workers and local residents.


Ranging from sports injuries, musculoskeletal and orthopedic conditions, to chronic ‘hard-to-diagnose’ symptoms, we are proud to being able to deliver positive outcome for our patients.  We believe in treatments that work and adopt management approaches that are backed by research evidence. While we formulate a treatment plan after assessing a condition, we also engage with the person to tailor the management plan to meet our patient’s needs. Just as a soccer player needs his knee to be strong and agile, other individuals may only wish for pain-free movements while performing their day-to-day tasks.


Although two individuals who suffer the same injury may follow different pathways to recovery, we have principles of physiotherapy in heart, our patients can expect clear explanation and delivery of effective treatments during their consultation. Because not all injuries are cured during one single consultation, our patients are also provided with take-home exercises and instructions to facilitate their recovery.


Physiotherapists as primary care providers are trained to assess, diagnose and treat all musculoskeletal conditions, hence no Doctor / GP referral is required to access our services. If deemed essential, relevant medical imaging, such as Xray or CT scan, can also be ordered by physiotherapists.