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Why Choose Primelife Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a unique healthcare profession that is widely diversified into different roles under different clinical settings. Settings like emergency department, transition care, primary care, in-patient / out-patient rehabilitation, sports team, community health, community rehab and aged care … etc, just to name a few. Each requires particular skillset to meet its particular needs, while some require particular training and recognition, e.g. emergency department physio, others would heavily rely on clinical experiences, leading to one’s expertise.


While common musculoskeletal conditions are often well managed by physiotherapists, chronic and complex conditions distinguish themselves on the aspects of pain presentation and indistinctive behaviours, thus providing challenges to treating clinicians.


With years of experience in treating complicated musculoskeletal injuries, Brian saw his strength in diagnosing complex conditions and is hoping to utilize this expertise to provide detailed, quality care to his patients.