Workplace / Sports Injuries

We have extensive experience in treating various workplace / sports injuries.

May that be discomfort or pain acquired from attending your occupational duties, e.g. headache, neck, back pain, sore wrist; or workplace accidents, ranging from trauma sustained from a fall to back injury caused by heavy lifting, we use our expertise to provide you the relief and put you on the path towards full recovery.


Sports injuries, ranging from running, tennis, football, basketball to soccer, from school-age children to people over 50’s, we know how different a body would respond at different stages of life, hence we always take into account of one’s physiological state when employing treatments to address individual needs. Not only we provide hands-on treatment, but also implement staged exercise program to progressively retrain your body back to pre-injury level.


Apart from treating and preventing future recurrence, we also utilize sports taping application to assist improve your performance during a sporting event.


We offer choices of rigid elastoplast and elastic Kinesio sports tape to minimize unwanted skin reactions.