Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomics is long recognized being an essential part of occupational health and safety, and directly contributes to workers’ productivity in any modern workplace environments.

By identifying relevant risks and implementing ergonomic solutions, an ergonomic assessment can help reduce the likelihood of WorkCover claims or assist an injured worker to safely return back to work as a part of return-to-work arrangement.

Being the only profession that is equipped with knowledge of human movements and body anatomy, ergonomic assessment and set-up is an extended scope of practice by experienced physiotherapists.

At Primelife Physiotherapy, our lead physiotherapist has extensive experience in treating injuries and complaints of discomfort arisen from various workplace environments. Either to implement any preventative measures or after-treatment modifications, we can provide ergonomic assessment and tailored advice to address specific concerns by individual employees.

May that be chair / desk ergonomics, standing desk, computer peripherals, correct ergonomic set-ups can help reduce:
– risk of neck and shoulder strain,
– muscle fatigue,
– joint pain, and

a range of medical conditions that are commonly seen in office settings, such as
– headache,
– achey eyes,
– blurred vision,
– carpal tunnel wrist,
– plantar fasciitis,
– back injuries,
– spinal disc injuries,
– sciatica.

For individuals, your query can be addressed during our one-on-one consultation.

For corporates, please forward your enquiries to