Choosing Wisely Campaign – Physio choose treatments wisely

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) has released six recommendations – as part of the evidence-based healthcare campaign Choosing Wisely – to help improve Australian’s healthcare outcomes.

The APA list of recommendations is:

  1. Don’t request imaging for patients with non-specific low back pain and no indicators of a serious cause for low back pain
  2. Don’t request imaging of the cervical spine in trauma patients, unless indicated by a validated decision rule
  3. Don’t request imaging for acute ankle trauma unless indicated by the Ottawa Ankle Rules (localised bone tenderness or inability to weight-bear as defined in the Rules)
  4. Don’t routinely use incentive spirometry after upper abdominal and cardiac surgery
  5. Avoid using electrotherapy modalities in the management of patients with low back pain
  6. Don’t provide ongoing manual therapy for patients with adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder


Source: Choosing Wisely Australia: APA Recommendations