Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Primelife Physiotherapy

Given the circumstance surrounding Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) and possible concern or anxiety that our prospective patients may experience, we would like to detail what we have always done and what we have implemented since existence of Coronavirus is made to public.

Ever since the establishment of Primelife Physiotherapy, we have range of infection control measures in place to ensure our patients, when seeking physiotherapy services, aren’t put in any harm’s way. Our medical bed (plinth) in physio room is frequently disinfected between patients with hospital-grade detergent wipes. This has been done on the surface where patient’s face comes into contact with the medical bed during assessment and treatment. This method and type of wipes used have long been adopted by hospitals to disinfect against bacteria and viruses. For area that is covered in clothes and does not come into contact with the medical bed, a surface cover of hospital grade is used and replaced every week.


Brian, our clinic physiotherapist, has long practiced good hygiene of hand washing, ever since his appointment as senior physiotherapist at Monash Health (formerly known as Southern Health), when responsible for physio service delivery of an entire clinical site.

Since the news of Coronavirus came into light, as part of Paramount Medical Clinic, we have acquired first hand knowledge re the method of its spread and the nature of this disease, directly from Department of Health and Human Services and Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Collaboration with our on-site GPs further ensures that we are in the position to provide quality care without compromising health and wellbeing of our patients during time of this pandemic.

Since February’ 2020, every patient visiting Primelife Physiotherapy / Paramount Medical Clinic is required to sanitize hands and wear a mask for self own protection and others. A mini station with hand sanitizer and mask has been set up at the clinic entrance, both are provided free of charge.


Since the globle outbreak of COVID-19, there has been no infected case in our clinic up to the date of this announcement.

We hope that the implementation of these safety measures can help control the spread of this disease and provide assurance to ease possible concerns of our patients.