National Heart Week- 01/05/16 – 07/05/16

Join us in celebrating and raising awareness re cardiac rehabilitation.

Do you know that there are certain risk factors that increase a likelihood of developing a heart disease? While some risk factors can’t be altered, i.e. gender (male) and family history, other conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking history, unhealthy diets, and lack of activities are factors that we can manage to see the ease of stress on cardiovascular system that could ultimately lead to a heart disease.


People who experience discomfort in chest, left arm, under the jaw, headache, or excessive sweating, may be suffering from an episode of heart attack. Given the cardiac disease being a major cause of death in Australia, care should be paid to identify any possible signs and symptoms.


Cardiac rehabilitation are divided into 3 stages, with Stage 1. being in-patient rehab post surgery, Stage 2. being out-patient in community health centre, Stage 3. is where we can help in the settings of private practice. Knowing what type of exercises are beneficial, and up to what intensity is allowed are the foundations to healthy heart for life.


Live well, eat healthy and exercise adequately will keep your heart happy and healthy



Heart Foundation – Heart Week